We have many other additional services to meet your individual needs.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer 4 size options to fit your needs. Keep your valuables safe and secure!

Bring your key and stop by anytime to view your box in a quiet and private viewing location.

Box Size
Annual Rent
Account Type
Minimum Balance
to obtain APY
5” X 5”
3” X 10”
5” X 10”
10” X 10”

Overdraft Protection

Personal Reserve Accounts: Protect your accounts from overdraft. Overdraft protection is available by linking multiple accounts together. This allows automatic transfers to cover overdrafts. (Some limitations apply) Stop in or give us a call today, (800) 205-7203, to set up a Personal Reserve Account.

Ordering Checks

The Bank of Cashton prints all check orders in house, at the bank, in order to quickly and efficiently serve our customer’s needs.  To reorder your personal, money market, business or HSA checks, and deposit slips please call (800) 205-7203, log on to your online banking and send us a message, or mail back your check reorder form to request a new order be mailed to you.

Click here to view all of the available check style options!

Stop Payments

We will help you set up a Stop Payment on a per-written check(s) or an ACH transaction before it is posted to the account.

Wire Transfer Service

Expedite deposits & transfer funds

Click here for wiring information and instructions.

Night Depository

You can drop transactions in our night depository after hours. All transactions dropped in the depository will be processed on the next business day’s work.

Eagle 24 Hour Transaction Line

Call (800) 461-7430 or (608) 654-7412 at any time to use telephone banking. With Telephone Banking, you can review your account(s) information, transfer funds between accounts, find out general bank information including current interest rates, and be connected to a bank representative.

Payroll Processing

We can help any size employer facilitate their payroll and manage employee records.

Payroll services

  • Pay employees on a bi-weekly basis or a schedule that suits your needs.
  • Pay hourly and salaried employees as well as keep track of vacation and sick accruals per the benefit handbook.
  • Calculate and create Direct Deposit on all Net Pay Amounts as required
  • Impound and deposit tax payments for Federal and one State
  • Create and file all payroll tax filings for Federal and one State electronically
  • Provide payroll reports, copies of tax filings and paystubs.
  • Perform year-end tax reporting which includes W-2 and W-3 transmittal reporting.

Contact us for more information at (800) 205-7203


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